The Naked Church – Chapter – 6. Real Salvation

The Naked Church by Wayne Jacobsen

The Naked Church – Chapter – 6. Real Salvation

the pastor could hardly contain himself as he told me about his church’s door­to­door evangelism program: “in the last five months we’ve had over 175 people give their lives to Jesus!” i was there to do some guest speaking, and i knew that only about 50 people were attending the church. “Where are they?” i asked. “come on, Wayne, you know as well as i do that less than one percent ever make their faith active.” he was right—i did know that. even the largest and most expensive evangelism campaigns don’t do much better. i always wonder why we get so excited about such efforts. don’t get me wrong—i’m grateful that at least a handful of people want to take time on a saturday to share their faith. i’m excited about the two people (a generous one percent) who found a new life in christ. but my joy is mitigated when i think about the other 173. Recorded with permission from Wayne Jacobsen.

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