The Final Countdown – Preface

The Final Countdown by Pastor Billy Crone


Unfortunately, in the Church today, the study of prophecy has been forsaken under the assumption that one can’t really know for sure what it all means and therefore we should refrain from teaching it. Yet, when you think about it, this is actually a slap in the face to God; for a majority of the Holy Scriptures deal directly or indirectly with prophetic issues. Why would God put prophecy in the Bible if it wasn’t meant to be understood? Do we dare say that He is playing cat and mouse with us? In addition, how can one say that they are being faithful to present the whole counsel of God when they leave a major portion of it, prophecy, out of the picture?

Furthermore, Bible prophecy has a wonderful way of bringing home two crucial truths that seem to be long forgotten in the American Church. One truth is that this world is not going to last forever. A flood destroyed it the first time and the next time it will be by fire. Therefore, this forces you and I the Christian to stop living merely for the temporary things of this world, thus wasting our lives, and instead to get busy storing up treasures in heaven, which last forever. And boy, is that not needed today!

Also, Bible prophecy drives home the second truth of God being absolutely sovereign. He is in full control of all things at all times. So much so that God has already mapped out mankind’s history. Therefore, only the student of Bible prophecy can rightly discern the times in which we live. And best of all, because God is sovereign, no matter how uncomfortable things may get, we can still be at peace knowing that our Lord reigns and that He will soon return to take us to be with Him.

What you are about to read will most assuredly shock you and certainly push you out of your comfort zone. If it doesn’t, then you might want to check your pulse. And, lest you think I’m making this stuff up, I invite you to check it out for yourself. This is why everything has been meticulously documented. Folks, this is not a time to react in fear but in faith. Our hope is not to be here, but in heaven. And remember, God is sovereign! One last piece of advice; when you are through reading this book then will you please READ YOUR BIBLE? I mean that in the nicest possible way. Enjoy, and I’m looking forward to seeing you someday! Billy Crone 2008.

Here is the PDF to go along with this series.

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