Free to be just a Christian

Free to be Just a Christian – All over the world today, there is a vast renewal of interest in studying the Bible. Thousands of people are reading the Bible to find the answers as to where they come from, why they are here on earth, and where they are going after this life is … Continue reading “Free to be just a Christian”

Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked

Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked.  Our present traditional view of hell, borrowed from Catholicism, Platonism and paganism, is no more biblical than the doctrine of limbo. Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked – Scriptures must be twisted to say the opposite of what they actually teach in order to keep promoting the idea that … Continue reading “Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked”

HELL Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?

HELL Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation. This article is reprinted in it’s entirety to accompany the .mp3 Jeremy was kind enough to let me make in early 2007-2008 for God’s Message on the Web.  It’s common sense theology, which is rare indeed these days.  Here is a link to Jeremy and Christine site and there … Continue reading “HELL Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?”

What is the Why

What is the Why What is the Why? This evening I want to begin our thinking with a “what if” situation. What is the Why – Here is the situation: you have a friend that you have had for years and years. Though you are very close to your friend, you have never discussed religious … Continue reading “What is the Why”

The Fruit Of The Spirit

The Fruit Of The Spirit The Fruit Of The Spirit – It was early October. The first frost had not yet come, but the mornings were cool and the evenings were hot. It was that unique time of the year when you shivered in the morning and sweated in the afternoon. A 25 year-old man … Continue reading “The Fruit Of The Spirit”

Is It Worth It

Is It Worth It? Is It Worth It? – All of us make major investments. The greatest investments we make are investments of ourselves. We invest ourselves in two primary ways: through intense interest and through time. Is It Worth It? – When it comes to the investment of self, we all make basic investment … Continue reading “Is It Worth It”

My Opinion Of Me

MY OPINION OF ME My Opinion Of Me – Gods Message on the web . What do you think of yourself? Chances are that the way you look at yourself is a real paradox. In some ways, we hold ourselves in very high esteem. There has been and is considerable emphasis in this society on … Continue reading “My Opinion Of Me”

Who Turned Loose Me Or God

Who Turned Loose Me Or God Who Turned Loose Me Or God – I want to challenge your thinking this morning by asking you a multiple-choice question. The question: in daily life terms, what is the purpose of life? Rank these five options with number one being the highest option: Achieving success Taking care of … Continue reading “Who Turned Loose Me Or God”

Has God Abandoned Me

Has God Abandoned Me Has God Abandoned Me – It was a deeply depressing moment, and it occurred on the worst possible occasion. The conversation was extremely distressing. The men gathered to remember God’s great victory that brought their nation into existence. It was a sober time, but a joyful time. They should have talked … Continue reading “Has God Abandoned Me”

What are you trying to prove

What are you trying to prove? What are you trying to prove – Four or five times a week I work out at a gym. John Glidewell graciously and patiently allows me to workout with him. This is not a new experience. I been involved in exercise programs for over 20 years. What are you … Continue reading “What are you trying to prove”