The War and the Congregation

If you were determined to defeat an enemy, what would you do? If, beyond doubt, your enemy did something guaranteeing your certain defeat, but in your hatred for your enemy you refused to surrender, what would you do? If you preferred destruction to surrender, what would you do? In those three questions, we describe Satan’s … Continue reading “The War and the Congregation”

There is a War going on

In my opinion, Christians are constantly amazed at the escalating attack on Christian values and Christian views in this country. Many things that were appreciated and revered by those who did not even pretend to be Christians in the middle 20th century are under deliberate attack in the early 21st century. That which was regarded … Continue reading “There is a War going on”

Jesus is the way to the Father

Jesus is the way to the Father – Jesus keeps us on track. Jesus is the way to the Father. There was a time when a person going on a trip wouldn’t think of beginning their journey without a road map. The map was very helpful to the traveler in finding the way to where … Continue reading “Jesus is the way to the Father”