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Unity: The Meaning of Oneness

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Gods Message – The original Gods Message website was online from 2007 to 2010. You will find several hundred podcasts here from that time. Written by David Chadwell and used with permission.

My journey to podcasting began after coming back to the Church after twenty years. Raised in a very legalistic Church of Christ it was easy to migrate back to this fundamental doctrine. I found a great Minister named David Chadwell who put all of his sermons from the years online and contacted the West-Ark Church of Christ.

They gave me immediate permission to begin Podcasting all of the lessons. It was a really happy time for me. I got to talk about God and Jesus and watched my Podcast downloads soar into the hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Then, something happened, I had a fallout with my local Church of Christ in Indiana. We weren’t welcome anymore.  You know, the left foot of fellowship? I continued worshiping personally, doing my Podcasts, but we didn’t have a Church home. I was soul searching, I wanted to find another Church of Christ, but my wife would have nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, Women were not given a real voice, we’re asked to be silent and told to submit to their husbands. I knew deep down, that Gods plan didn’t leave women as second-hand citizens in the Kingdom.

My transition

When I needed it the most I found The Examiner. It was filled with sound teachings from the Bible from a gentleman named Dusty Owens. I found out the word Church was a mistranslation of the Greek word Ekklesia. I learned how King James was in on this and ordered the mistranslation to keep the government in charge of the Church. I was amazed.

http://www.theexaminer.org/volume8/number6/leftcoc.htm How absolutely liberating this was to have freedom in Jesus Christ and to throw away those chains that were the Church of Christ that I knew. I fell in with a crowd called TruthQuest. A mailing list for Yahoo groups.

After some time we found a very promising place to worship in Carmel, Indiana. Our new Pastor Mark is an amazing guy. We’ve been going for a long time now, and we’ve taught classes there for seven years. When we first met, knowing my background, Pastor Mark looked me in the eye and shook my hand as I was leaving. He said, “To be honest, I don’t think you can do it, but why don’t you go ahead and prove me wrong.”

To summarize, I wondered if some things originally taught wasn’t scriptural. And in haste, I pulled everything and shut the website down. Not looking towards the future.

I meet Wayne Jacobsen in Carmel Indiana

I had recently met Wayne Jacobsen from Lifestream.org and my walk with Christ had taken another significant turn. Wayne had just released, “So you don’t want to go to church anymore? He had just published The Shack.

After I met Wayne I turned to a friend Mike. Mike wrote a pamphlet called “Free to be, Just a Christian” that he handed out with Bibles on a mission trip. With his permission, his work was recorded and distributed.

We’re back online now and I’m re-releasing all of my podcasts again with recordings.

Does God want you to go to Church?

Are you Free? In fact, Jesus came here to set you free.  Maybe those offerings and tithing aren’t as mandatory as they want us to believe. In other words, you’re probably better off helping people on your own. But in fairness some church’s are great and they get some or all of these points.

In the first place, who benefits from the books of Enoch, Jubilees, and Jashar disappearing from the Bible? In particular, a certain group of created beings comes to mind.  To demonstrate let’s examine the Ethiopian Bible; because the Ethiopian

This shows there were more copies of Enoch than Genesis. And more copies of Jubilees than Exodus at the Dead Sea Scroll find.
There is a conspiracy to hide these old books.

Christians are landlocked by land and opposing religions. The Ethiopian Bible evolved on its own, free of western influence. Some consider the Ethiopian Bible to be more accurate. Jubilees and Enoch are Canon.  Which puts Fallen Angels and Nephilim Giants into play.

Between 1946 and 1956 a team of archeologists found the Dead Sea scrolls in Wadi Qumran. They discovered more copies of Enoch than Genesis.  Also, they discovered more copies of Jubilees than Exodus. In conclusion, these books were very important to Church Fathers and believers. I have included them for your reading.

Heck, even the word church which comes from the Greek word Ekklesia was mistranslated by the order of King James. The Greek word Ekklesia isn’t even a religious word, and it means any lawful gathering. This is a history that can easily be verified.

All things considered, I have no corporate worship structure to point you towards.


Is Gods Message Eternal Punishment?

If you would never consider giving your life to Jesus Christ and his Father Yahweh that sucks and I’ll be the first to say it. However, it’s your right. In fact, after much thought, I don’t believe Hell exists like The words Sheol, Tartaroo, Gehenna, Hades are all translated to the word Hell.organized religion would have you believe. In this case, there are four separate words in the New Testament that translate directly into Hell.  (Hades, Tartaroo, Sheol, and Gehenna).  Hades from Greek Mythology. Gehenna was the garbage pit outside of Jerusalem.  Next is Tartaroo where the Angels who left their abode are imprisoned.  And Sheol, the grave.

In fact, I believe we all answer for this life. In summary, I don’t believe in eternal torture as punishment for sins.

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