God reveals His Glory through Us

Have you wanted to be someone else? As children, we all probably wished we were someone else. A very common fantasy of children is pretending to be their hero or superstar. As an adult, have you ever wanted to be someone else? Some of us would say, “No, I have never wanted to be anyone … Continue reading “God reveals His Glory through Us”

The Darkness Within

It is distinctly possible that every adult in this audience and most of the teens in this audience all used a similar object this morning. In fact, it is distinctly possibility that all adults and most teens use this similar object every morning. In fact, we all use this object so commonly that we rarely … Continue reading “The Darkness Within”

David and Anger

One great enemy of the godly man and the godly woman is anger. It is not evil to be angry. It is evil to allow your anger to control your motivations, decisions, and actions. Paul declared to the Ephesian Christians, “Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on … Continue reading “David and Anger”

Black and White.

Why are Black and White folks being set up to hate each other?  We have more in common than most would dare imagine.  Let’s not give in to the hatred that The Powers that Be are trying to instill in us.  Let’s be Brothers and Sisters. They’re tearing us down because they have to for … Continue reading “Black and White.”

Free to be just a Christian

All over the world today, there is a vast renewal of interest in studying the Bible. Thousands of people are reading the Bible to find the answers as to where they come from, why they are here on earth, and where they are going after this life is over. Searching the Scriptures with an open … Continue reading “Free to be just a Christian”

Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked

Our present traditional view of hell, borrowed from Catholicism, Platonism and paganism, is no more biblical than the doctrine of limbo. Scriptures must be twisted to say the opposite of what they actually teach in order to keep promoting the idea that God is a loving Creator who will keep souls alive forever just to … Continue reading “Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked”

HELL: Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?

This article is reprinted in it’s entirety to accompany the .mp3 Jeremy was kind enough to let me make in early 2007-2008 for God’s Message on the Web.  It’s common sense theology, which is rare indeed these days.  Here is a link to Jeremy and Christine site and there is another audio file there as … Continue reading “HELL: Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?”

Behold I stand at the door and knock

Behold I stand at the door and knock is a reminder that we need to be ALWAYS knocking. Jesus doesn’t knock one time and then go away. Jesus is always inviting us into a deeper relationship with us. The Narrow Path is also touched on here. It’s very important. If you’re involved with things that … Continue reading “Behold I stand at the door and knock”

The parable of the Talents.

The Parable of the Talents is quite interesting when you wrap your head around the fact that we are talking about saved believers in this context. We’re not talking about unbelievers, or sinners, but rather saved believers. So, who do we have to blame for the way the world is right now? We need to … Continue reading “The parable of the Talents.”

Why I left the Church of Christ

Why I left the Church of Christ by Dusty Owens is one of the most important writings concerning the Church of Christ that I have ever run across. You may not need this today or tomorrow. But when you do, it is priceless. One of the biggest conspiracies in the Christian religion today is the … Continue reading “Why I left the Church of Christ”