God’s Solution for the Problem of Sin

Once sin was an impossible problem for people. Why? There were only inadequate, temporary solutions for the problem. No one of himself or herself had the power to destroy sin. God’s permanent solution had not yet come into existence, and humans were powerless to produce a permanent solution. In early human history, people offered animal … Continue reading “God’s Solution for the Problem of Sin”

Showing People Jesus

Occasionally we sing a beautiful song entitled, “Have You Seen Jesus, My Lord?” It begins by asking a question and making a statement. “Have you seen Jesus, my Lord? He’s standing here in full view.” The song asks if you have seen a beautiful display in nature, or a family who loves each other, or … Continue reading “Showing People Jesus”

Sharing Jesus

I want us to prayerfully begin with a reading. Take a Bible and read with me John 1:1-5. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came … Continue reading “Sharing Jesus”

The Lord Speaks

God always has communicated His desires in a manner that the listener and seeker could understand. In times past, there have been occasions when God communicated directly with individuals or bodies of people. For example, God spoke directly to heads of households with such people as Adam, Noah, and Abraham. Through Moses and Joshua, He … Continue reading “The Lord Speaks”

What God Wants – You Want

What is the greatest feeling that you have ever felt? If you could choose one feeling that you could experience daily, what feeling would you choose? Let me make an observation. This is given as one man’s opinion. For most of us, if not all of us, the greatest feeling that we experience is the … Continue reading “What God Wants – You Want”

The resurrection of Lazarus

The gospels provide us very few views of Jesus’ personal life. We are often told of him when is among the multitudes, when he had private discourse with individuals, when he is teaching his disciples, or when he is taking an initiative. Rarely do we see Jesus when he is “just being himself” as he … Continue reading “The resurrection of Lazarus”

The War and the Congregation

If you were determined to defeat an enemy, what would you do? If, beyond doubt, your enemy did something guaranteeing your certain defeat, but in your hatred for your enemy you refused to surrender, what would you do? If you preferred destruction to surrender, what would you do? In those three questions, we describe Satan’s … Continue reading “The War and the Congregation”

The War and Me

The War and Me The War and Me-Failed expectations are the graveyard of personal faith. When Christians look for the reasons [there are more than one!] that the conversion rate is lower than it was fifty years ago or the church is not growing as it did fifty years ago, they tend to blame everything … Continue reading “The War and Me”

There is a War going on

In my opinion, Christians are constantly amazed at the escalating attack on Christian values and Christian views in this country. Many things that were appreciated and revered by those who did not even pretend to be Christians in the middle 20th century are under deliberate attack in the early 21st century. That which was regarded … Continue reading “There is a War going on”