God and Chaos

This morning I want to begin with a word association. The word I want you to think about is the word “chaos.” When you hear the word “chaos” what other word or words instantly come to mind? The two words that most commonly come to people’s minds when they hear or think about the word … Continue reading “God and Chaos”

God reveals His Glory through Us

Have you wanted to be someone else? As children, we all probably wished we were someone else. A very common fantasy of children is pretending to be their hero or superstar. As an adult, have you ever wanted to be someone else? Some of us would say, “No, I have never wanted to be anyone … Continue reading “God reveals His Glory through Us”

The Darkness Within

It is distinctly possible that every adult in this audience and most of the teens in this audience all used a similar object this morning. In fact, it is distinctly possibility that all adults and most teens use this similar object every morning. In fact, we all use this object so commonly that we rarely … Continue reading “The Darkness Within”

David and Anger

One great enemy of the godly man and the godly woman is anger. It is not evil to be angry. It is evil to allow your anger to control your motivations, decisions, and actions. Paul declared to the Ephesian Christians, “Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on … Continue reading “David and Anger”

And God Said It Never Happened Part 2

Through much of this century, one of the common topics of discussion in the church has been what is right. Countless sermons have been preached on what is right. We could not estimate the number of arguments that produced confrontations about what is and is not right. Many debates were conducted to defend what was … Continue reading “And God Said It Never Happened Part 2”

And God Said It Never Happened Part 1

A judge who had three cases scheduled for the day called his court room to order. The first case involved mean-spirited, destructive vandalism. The judge handled the case in highly questionable manner. He looked at the broken, grieving defendant and immediately declared, “I wish to see the defendant and the plaintiff in my chambers without … Continue reading “And God Said It Never Happened Part 1”

Unity The Meaning Of Oneness

Unity is not a simple subject to discuss. I am surely aware of that. I sincerely request that you be aware of it also. I also sincerely request that each of you be aware of my objective. I am NOT trying to get you to agree with my concept or with me as a person. … Continue reading “Unity The Meaning Of Oneness”

Unity The Concept Part One

Too often we make assumptions about a concept. We assume our concept is God’s concept. The result is that we never examine the concept to see if it is correct. We simply build on our assumption as if it is God’s concept. Often we generate unquestionable conclusions in the full conviction that our foundation assumption … Continue reading “Unity The Concept Part One”

God Freed Us Slaves

For generations one of the most familiar themes in our worship through song has been redemption. Are these words familiar to you?   Redeemed how I love to proclaim it! Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. I know that my Redeemer lives, And ever prays for me. Oh, victory in Jesus, my Savior forever, … Continue reading “God Freed Us Slaves”

Evil Is Real

Christians have an enormous tendency to forget that evil is a real, powerful, every day force or to believe that evil is not a real, powerful, every day force. And you say, “David, you have to be kidding. Everyone of us knows that evil is real. We see evil all around us every day. We … Continue reading “Evil Is Real”