Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked

Our present traditional view of hell, borrowed from Catholicism, Platonism and paganism, is no more biblical than the doctrine of limbo. Scriptures must be twisted to say the opposite of what they actually teach in order to keep promoting the idea that God is a loving Creator who will keep souls alive forever just to … Continue reading “Thoughts on Punishment of the wicked”

HELL: Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?

This article is reprinted in it’s entirety to accompany the .mp3 Jeremy was kind enough to let me make in early 2007-2008 for God’s Message on the Web.  It’s common sense theology, which is rare indeed these days.  Here is a link to Jeremy and Christine site and there is another audio file there as … Continue reading “HELL: Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?”