The AlSayr BBS

Login to the AlSayr BBS

Use telnet, putty, netrunner, or syncterm and go to on Port 23.

AlSayr BBS
AlSayr BBS
Q. What is going on here?

A. The AlSayr BBS was created to help resurrect the BBS’s of old. Freedom of speech is now dead, with many censored voices. These voices are going to need a home. That was the motivation to set up this system, and along the way, I had a great time remembering what a joy it is to run a Bulletin Board System (BBS) System.

Q. What can I do here?

A. You can sign up for a new account by entering new at the prompt. Give me some information, and I’ll validate your FREE account right away, and you’ll have full access to download files in the File Area. You’ll get an email address. You can chat with fellow users and send messages to other systems. Play multiplayer games like TradeWars 2002 with your friends. And much more.

Q. Is my information stored anywhere?

A. Because only what you enter is stored here you can make up a name or use an Alias. Nothing is saved offsite or in the cloud. AlSayr is running on an old HP file server running Linux on an SSD drive. It has no backups and could blow up at any time. I have a high-speed internet connection, so please download all of the files you like.

Q. How do I get the best experience here?

A. Download SyncTerm preferably or Netrunner Alternatively to connect. Download links are below. These programs are rather old, and you may get a prompt saying it is not safe to install. These programs are safe, and you can install them and use them.

SyncTERM ANSI Terminal executable –
Netrunner ANSI Terminal –
WinRAR.exe to uncompress Netrunner –

Q. How do I navigate a (BBS) Bulletin Board System?

A. Many people have never used a (BBS) Bulletin Board System before but don’t let that discourage you. Experiment and press as many keys as you want to.

Q. Do we have an Internet presence?

A. Yes, here are some of our web sites:

1.) – Podcast
2.) – Religious Conspiracy
3.) – Survival and Missionary work
4.) – 39 Bibles in 23 languages
5.) – Download Site
6.) – Our BBS host and the main site

* Rules *

The following actions are not allowed:

1. Excessive personal attacks
2. Excessive use of profanity
3. Excessive off-topic messages
4. Excessive advertisements
5. Excessive use of capital letters
6. Excessive use of non-English text
7. Encoded, encrypted, or otherwise indecipherable messages
8. Fraudulent messages
9. Impersonating someone you are not

DOVE-Net Conferences (aka sub-boards):

Name Access Requirements Posting Reqs
————————————– ——————- ————
Hardware/Software Help
Unix Discussion
HAM Radio Operators
Internet Discussion
Pro-Audio Discussion
Firearms Discussion
Sports Discussion
Religious Discussion/Debate/Evangelism
Hobby Corner (RC/modeling/etc.)